Children’s Reward Packs £1.99 @ ALDI

Children’s Reward Packs £1.99 @ ALDI

These reward kits for kids are a genius investment in my view, especially as they get older and increasingly stubborn about doing their chores. The children's reward packs at Aldi are only £1.99 per pack and are a brilliantly cheap investment in their future good behaviour.

The children's reward packs at Aldi come with a chart that's smothered in pretty pictures and has stars and stickers that can be added as they do well in their chosen areas. I find that my daughter is responding really well to her reward chart and will definitely be nabbing some of these.

The other reason these are great as kids get older is that bad behaviour can see you removing a sticker too. We have a chart that has both a good and bad column so if she gets five good stars she gets a surprise, and five bad stars mean she loses a toy.

Thanks to robkd14 at HUKD!


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  • taratay1
    You can get these from poundland. Not really a bargain.