Brainbox ABC Game £5.72 @ Amazon

Brainbox ABC Game £5.72 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Brainbox ABC game for £5.72, rather than £10, and I'm rather tempted to buy it for Edward, my youngest - he loves playing games (loathes losing and you wouldn't believe the tantrums!).

I like simple games that kids can play, games that don't take hours and hours and require a degree in rocket science to understand their rules - this Brainbox ABC game looks as though it fits that bill rather nicely.

It's suitable for kiddies aged four year and older and can be played with one or more players.  Basically, it's a memory recall game (I like those!): you pick a card, turn over the timer and use the 10 seconds to remember as many things on the card as you can.

When your time is up, you turn the card over, roll the dice and answer a corresponding quick fire question - if you give the right answer you get to keep the card; the player with the most cards after 10 minutes wins the game.

I think Brainbox ABC sounds properly awesome and fun, it will also keep the brain sharp and develop memory skills too.  I'm not the only one, the reviews are great...

"We love brainbox, it's unusual to find a new game which is educational and interesting enough to convince children that they're not learning, just having fun! We have played this as a family since my son was 3 and it's really helping him with learning the alphabet. It also includes sounds on some cards like 'gr' and 'sh' which is great. We let him read the card for every player which means he has more practice with the sounds than if he just did his own."

"I was looking for something to travel with, even though the box is a little bulky (I actually put every thing in a ziplock bag to travel with on the plane). This was brilliant entertainment and could be played on the fold out plan table. My daughter was engrossed and loved the challenge of remembering and was very proud of herself when she did. At first we didn't use the timer but gradually introduced it to the point where she now insists on it. Hightly recommend for entertainment and education"

SO there you go; I'm going to buy Brainbox ABC and stash it away as a pressie for Edward's birthday in a few months time.

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