Bontempi Electric Toy Violin (Pink) £10.99 @ Amazon

Bontempi Electric Toy Violin (Pink) £10.99 @ Amazon

This is either going to win me prizes because it was just the thing you were looking for, or you're going to LYNCH me for suggesting such a thing, but here goes anyway: Amazon are selling this pink Bontempi electric toy violin for just £10.99, rather than its original £20.99.

My 16-year-old daughter has suddenly decided she wants to take up the violin! I'm rather glad that between training for her selection into the British Army, doing her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and revising for her GCSEs, she really doesn't have the time at the moment.

I'm hoping she won't remember that I still have the violin her older brother had when he started learning to play (for all of about two months *sigh*) is sitting, quietly, tucked away on the back of my wardrobe - and that's the best thing for it to be, QUIET.

However, if you think your daughter/granddaughter/niece might a violin prodigy, then this Bontempi pink electric toy violin might be a good place for her to start.

It has eight pre-recorded melodies that you bow along to using the 'play along' function, you can also produce some interesting tremelo effects too.  It has an auto off feature and requires 2 RG/AA 1,5V batteries which aren't included.

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