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14 September 2010

boggle1 For wordsmiths of a certain age, Boggle Reinvention is currently on offer at Amazon for £8.45 instead of £12.99!

The other day I wrote about a little card version of the classic word game Boggle - called Boggle Slam - and it reignited my love for the classic version of the game.

If you're not familiar with it, let me explain - there are 16 dice that sit in a grid and you have to make as many words as you can (of three letters or more) using adjacent letters in three minutes.

Back in the day it was a bit clumsy - although we didn't know it at the time - as the dice container had a square box on the top of the grid to contain the dice when you shook it to scramble the letters.  But it came off and if you still have an original Boggle with all 16 dice intact then you're a better person than me!

Boggle Reinvention is smooooth, it's been refined and is much more user-friendly - I want one!

Everything is contained in a round 'thing' and there's no way you can lose any bits.  The timer is also part of the round 'thing' and it's now electronic, changing colour as the time ticks away and beeping at you when it's time to stop - it was a sand egg timer when I was a kid!

This is such a great little game, portable now due to the self-contained round 'thing', quiet (old Boggle was noisy) and a great way for kids to develop their word skills.

Happy Boggle Reinventing!

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