Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle £2.19 @ Amazon

Ben 10 Jigsaw Puzzle £2.19 @ Amazon


The Ben 10 jigsaw puzzle has 100 pieces and now costs only £2.19 including free delivery from Amazon. It’s an ace little present for anyone who likes that famous Ben 10 and would fit neatly into the Present Cupboard too. Originally retailing for £4.99, you are saving over half price.

The puzzle supplied, by the way, may well be different from the one that is show on the site. Some have aliens and some have Ben 10. You have no guarantees as to what you will get other than that it has 100 pieces and that it is good for little ones aged five to eight years old.

The puzzle’s full size is 32x38cm, which is reasonable I think, and I rather like the fact that you have no idea what is going to arrive in the post. This would make a fab gift for a birthday party or as a little something to put to one side for Christmas (sorry!).

What do you think? Would you buy a bunch of these and save them for emergency presents?

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!


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