Baby Freebies: Free "Baby & You" DVD From MyBabyTalk & Avent

dvdBanner It doesn't take long before you have a list of questions SO long about your impending parenthood, that would make the Spanish Inquisition proud!  Fear not intrepid parents-to-be - help is at hand with this free DVD!

Almost everyone else makes it look so easy!  You know the people I'm talking about - they're everywhere!  In coffee shops, in the supermarkets, in restaurants - they don't look flustered, they're in control, they don't seem confused by the VAST array of products, potions and lotions on the shelves.

To swaddle or not to swaddle? Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding?  Too hot or too cold?  Sheets or blankets?  Or BOTH?! What if my baby gets sick?  How will I know what's wrong with them?  What if I get it wrong?!  They won't stop crying!  I'm so tired I don't know what to do!  REMIND me why we thought this was a good idea?!!!

CB106347R E L A X...anyone who already has kids will tell you they asked all these questions and ran headlong into all the emotions too and this DVD is hosted by a registered midwife, it features real mums and will help you make informed decisions and choices about all sorts of things from breastfeeding to weaning and sleeping.

Simply click the link above, fill in your details, wait for the DVD to land on the doormat then sit back and watch.

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