Arts And Crafts Collection £1 @ Halfcost

arts Right. It’s Craft Parent month and, no, we don’t just mean your cunning ability to hide from your kids. This holiday is the perfect time to bond with your babies and make crazy things and this deal from Halfcost is a fabulous place to start.

This is a bumper pack of arts and crafts materials that includes a ton of faboosh thingamajigs that will make craft time fun. You get coloured beads, paper shades, glitter pens (ooooh), felt shapes, wooden depressors, pipe cleaners and more in the kit for a mere £1.

Once you’ve nabbed this kit why not try out some of the ideas I talked about in my feature last week for your first few projects and then branch out into new areas. There are several books out there than are packed with ideas as well as free websites thastarfisht will give you step-by-step instructions.

In two seconds a Google search will reveal plenty of ideas that can be done with parents (or without for snoozing while they are creating) and remember that all you need is a stout heart – no wincing at paint and cutting mess – and big old blanket to cover the working area.

Thanks to monkey madness at HUKD!


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