Apple iPad 32GB £379 @ Comet

Apple iPad 32GB £379 @ Comet


The Apple iPad2 has just been launched so you can see the prices collapsing on the original iPad all around. This particular deal is excellent as the iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi is usually far more expensive than this tasty £379. You are saving £111 off the original price!

I may hate the name of these technology devices, but I do love the way they work. You’re probably wondering why I am writing about an iPad deal on a parenting site. Here’s why – they are absolutely brilliant for parents.

The sheer number of educational apps that exist for the iPad are incredible, and they are also really good. My daughter’s reading and word recognition have come along in leaps and bounds thanks to the educational apps on the iPad.

Add to this the fact that you can check your mail at any time, that you can have diary apps, Angry Birds, games, and so much more in a light and slim package that will fit into your nappy changing bag. I am not a fan of Apple, but I am a fan of the iPad.

Thanks to rattler9uk at HUKD!


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