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17 August 2010

book2 Back to school madness is in full throttle now. With only a few weeks left until the start of the new year, parents are all desperately galloping about and sorting out their children’s school needs. I know that, as a first timer, I am feeling a little bewildered and confused (yes, that could just be me). So, for parents prowling for great deals on books and study guides, the Amazon sale will do you nicely.

I literally stumbled across this deal today while I was hunting for low-priced Trunkis. I’m going on a big travel in December and really need one but, anyway, that’s not the point. Anyway I found that Amazon have sectioned of a rather huge part of the web for their back to school products and, hidden away in this section, is the sale.

bookIncluded in the sale are textbooks, revision aids, and more, all neatly categorised to help you find what you need. It’s probably a brilliant idea to get as many as you can while they are discounted but also to check and see if you can get them cheaper elsewhere (perhaps second hand).

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