3D Planets In A Tube £4.99 @ Amazon


Amazon is selling the 3D Planets in a Tube for only £4.99. This set is usually a lot more expensive so this is a lovely low price, including free delivery, for an ace educational tool for kids. We love it.

The 3D Planets in a Tube glow in the dark. Yes, that’s right. They glow in the dark. I have never grown out of enjoying glow in the dark goodies and gadgets so I may well be buying this for me as much as my kids.

The set includes all eight planets including Pluto and will create a glowing solar system on your ceiling. You get adhesive putty included in the kit as well as 7.5 metres of string so you can install them in your child’s room. And you get a lifetime glow guarantee. How genius is that?

These planets will amaze your kids, and help them to learn more about the world they live in. You can help them to put the planets in the right order and talk about each planet as you go. Lovely.

Thanks to razam at HUKD!

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