14 Of The Best Educational Apps

14 Of The Best Educational Apps

Most of us have phones or devices that can enjoy downloading and using apps, and most of us have seen our kids pick these gadgets up and do far more with them than we ever thought possible. Certainly my iPad is more used by my daughter than by me, and the apps we have installed on it are superb for boosting her education. So, without further fanfare or ado, here are 20 apps that will help your kids learn and give them a kickstart into their futures.


This app is designed to teach kids about email and give them a safe and secure way of getting to grips with this essential modern communication tool. Great for creativity, reading, writing and confidence.

2. Magic Piano

This is cool and noisy and brilliant for getting kids to learn about music without putting them under too much pressure. As you play magical shapes appear and you can even learn to play various songs.

3. Funimal Phonics


If you haven’t heard about phonics yet, trust me, you will. I know that they confused me and had my child correcting my way of saying things! This app is good enough to teach all of you what you need to know. It will cost you though…

 4. Barefoot World Atlas

I love this app on every level because it is educational and beautiful. It is also one of the most costly on here, sitting at a pricey £2.99. However, as an experience for kids and parents to share, it is a winner.

5. Famigo Sandbox

This is for you mom and dad. This app hides the ones on your Android device that are not suitable for kids. And it’s free. Bargain.

6. Your fantastic elastic brain

This app should get a prize just because of its name. A name that’s guaranteed to have kids cackling before you’ve started. It also teaches them about science in a very clever way. It will cost you £1.99, but it is worth every penny.

7. Change4life Fun Generator

This app is available across all operating systems and is free, made by our very lovely government to promote healthy activity. It has plenty of cool things to do and will keep you sane in the upcoming half term.

8. Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

This extremely popular book is now a counting game for the little ones and it costs £1.99. I’m not going to lie, it’s lovely and all, but you can get a similar app for free, you are paying for that caterpillar here.

9. Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

Costing 69p, this app is on all platforms and was designed by a UK-based team to give kids aged 5-11 a strong basis in mathematical precepts, in this case, multiplication. It’s very well designed and my daughter has responded really well to it.

10. Numberlys

This is like the designer version of educational apps and is probably more for the parents than the kids. Gorgeous detailing and pretty design make it a stunner to look at, but it also is an expensive little chap. £2.99 at last glance on iTunes…

11. Around the clock

Costing £1.49, this app familiarises kids with the, well, clock. It isn’t hugely focused on times per se, but more on getting kids used to the idea. Hit and miss, but popular with many parents I know.

12. Move the turtle

This app has a very special place in my heart because I am desperate to get my child learning how to programme. And this app does it. Kids from age 5 and up can get to grips with the basics of programming with this app.

13. Maddie and Matt Values

Teach your children how to behave in civilised society with help from this Android app. A unique app that has lots to commend it, Maddie and Matt is also free.

14. Reading Raven

This app helps kids climb onto the road to reading and, what’s utterly brilliant, lets them see how enjoyable it can be. What a fab app and it follows all the basic phonics prerequisites too. The only down side is that it is US based.

There you have it, plenty of apps to keep you busy in the last few months of winter. As the nights get darker and you get fed up with the cold, take a chance on some of these and keep your mind off the gloom.

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