100 Papermate Rollerflow Rollerball Pens £19.99 @ Boffer

1 August 2010


Well parents, it’s a month to go now. Soon our little darlings will be back in the arms of the teachers and learning all about the world. And one thing that we all know everybody runs out of (including us parents) is pens. So how about stocking up on 100 pens before the Back to School madness begins?

The deal is only available for the next nine hours so if you fancy owning 100 pens (wherever will we put them all?) then get on over there as fast as you can. They are blue ink pens boasting a special roller flow thingy that ensures they write perfectly.

However, I genuinely cannot guarantee that these pens write beautifully. They may be happy to release their ink but fans of pens (like me) will know what I mean when I say “beautifully”. There is something about a good quality pen that seems to glide across paper isn’t there?

Anyway, so, this is a lot of pens. The chances of you tapping your bag/handbag/accoutrement in frustration and saying, “I wish I had a spare pen” will be over if you succumb to this deal.

Thanks to alexhickman89 at HUKD!

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