10 Little Princess Books £8.99 @ The Book People

10 June 2012

The Book People are selling ten Little Princess books for £9.99 instead of the usual £59.90 so you are saving a hefty £49.91. This is an accurate price reflection too as I have bought some of these individually and already gone over the £9.99 mark.

I really love the bargains that you can get at The Book People, I just wish they weren’t so utterly disorganised and rubbish. I’ve received the wrong books, broken books, not gotten the extra points I was supposed to and so on, and so forth. However, sometimes the pain is worth the gain.

This collection of Little Princess books would make a stunning birthday present as Tony Ross’ series are widely read and loved. The TV series is also a huge hit with kids. The books are full of tears, tantrums, smiles and silliness and adults can’t resist chortling at the idea of a grown man riding a toy horse everywhere.

Fun and entertaining, this is a great deal for little readers.

Thanks to marty-401 at HUKD!

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