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24 June 2010

HORH2 If ever there were books guaranteed to inspire learning, it's the Horrible Histories books

I dropped history as soon as I could at school;  it wasn't because I found it boring necessarily but the way it was taught, oh it was enough to make you want to pull  your own teeth out!

There have been various copies of various Horrible Histories books in my house for a very long time now - they're well-thumbed, well-worn and have provided a lot of knowledge with The Teenagers still saying, "Did you know...?"

There are 10 books up for grabs here and at £9.99 instead of the recommended £49.91 they are an absolute bargain. The titles included are:

  • Slimy Stuarts
  • Awesome Egyptians
  • Vile Victorians
  • Rotten Romans
  • Terrible Tudors
  • Vicious Vikings
  • Groovy Greeks
  • Woeful Second World War
  • Measly Middle Ages
  • Frightful First World War

If you've not encountered Horrible Histories before, basically it's history...but with all the gross and funny bits left in that kids just LOVE; Horrible Histories should be compulsory reading in my opinion.

I can help you out with free delivery too, so you really do only pay £9.99 for these wonderful books, just enter Y0102 at the checkout, pay the £9.99 and your books will be winging their way to you pronto!

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD

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