10 Disney Pixar Jigsaw Puzzles £7.50 @ Tesco Direct

27 September 2010

puzzle If you're a puzzle fan, then this deal on 10 Disney Pixar jigsaw puzzles is just for you.

If you are a regular PlayPennies reader then you'll know that I'm a BIG fan of jigsaw puzzles, they are fabulous.

I sat and did one with my youngest the other day and it was just lovely.

Whenever I tried to put a piece in the wrong place he'd say, "No mum *sigh*, it doesn't go THERE! That piece goes HERE!" it was just too funny, and amazingly satisfying to think back to how things were when he first started doing puzzles - you know, trying to force shapes into places they have no business being!

There are 10 different puzzles to do in this Disney Pixar jigsaw puzzle box and will help to develop skills such as pattern recognition, memory, imagination, logic and  fine motor skills. And, let's not forget, they're FUN too!

Tesco have dropped the price of these Disney Pixar jigsaw puzzles from £15 to £7.50 but their delivery charges are too high, in my opinion, it'll cost you £5.95 to have this delivered, so I'd arrange to collect it in-store for freeeee; we like the free word here at PlayPennies!

Thanks to Taswir1 over at HUKD!

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