Nestle Medium Easter Eggs 2 for £1.50 @ Asda

Nestle Easter Eggs 2 for £1.50 @ Asda

Not got the children's Easter Eggs yet? The good offers seem a little thin on the ground at the moment, but luckily Asda have come to our rescue with this fab deal on Nestle Easter Eggs. The Smarties, Rolo and Kit Kat Chunky Easter Eggs are priced at £1 each, which is already a good price, but they are now 2 for £1.50! That is by far the best offer in the supermarkets at the moment.

75p per egg is a super price, and it's rare the get any cheaper than that until after Easter so it might be the time to stock up!

The eggs included in the online 2 for £1.50 offer are as follows, though there may be different varieties in store:

This offer has just started at the weekend and is online as well as in stores, though Asda have not listed an end date for the promotion so bear that in mind. I'd better be off and get my boy's eggs sharpish.

Thanks to brychris

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