2021 Barbie Day To Night DreamHouse £200 @ Amazon and Argos

It's the ultimate place for those Barbie dolls!
2021 Barbie Day To Night DreamHouse £200 @ Amazon and Argos

Oh my goodness, the 2021 Barbie DreamHouse is out now and lives up to it's name - it's literally the stuff of dreams. Never mind the kids, I freakin' want one. It's big, it's pink and it's out of stock at an eye watering £249+ at most places, but we've found it for just £200 at Amazon and Argos!

Barbie DreamHouse 2021

The 2021 Barbie DreamHouse was released in June 2021, so it's Barbie's latest abode. You can bet your bottom dollar that it'll be one of the most asked toys for this Christmas too.

It comes in at a whopping 109cm tall and 104cm wide, so you're certainly getting a lot of toy for your money.

Now let's talk about features... it's fully furnished and boasts 10 indoor and outdoor areas to explore including a working elevator, party room (with DJ booth included), fun slide with pool, a balcony with hammock swing and a puppy play area that has a pool and slide of it's own.

Create the right ambiance with the light and sound options - choose between the 4 light modes: day mode, night mode, party mode and mood lighting.

Customise the Dreamhouse by putting the grass and pool in multiple different places on the first and third floors.

Suitable for children aged three years+, and adults that want to relive their youth.

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