Half Price Deluxe Dolls Pram £24.99 @ Studio

Half Price Deluxe Dolls Pram £24.99 @ Studio

If your little one loves playing with dolls and has already asked for a dolls pram for Christmas this year then take a look at this deal from Studio.

This traditional Deluxe Dolls Pram is half price at just £24.99 instead of £49.99. It is selling fast so hurry if you want to make sure you can get one.

I love the traditional feel to this pram, you don't see many of these about on the high street and certainly not at such a low price. My daughter has several prams and pushchairs for her babies and still wants more. She would adore this one because it is so unique.

This pram is very sturdy and has large wheels which means it's really easy to store things in the underneath storage basket. There's loads of room! If that wasn't enough storage you also get a matching changing bag. The covers are all removable and the hood folds down to make it easier to get your baby in and out.

This is suitable for children aged 3 years and over due to the height and size of the pram.

Home delivery is £3 for this dolls pram.


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  • Nicky K.

    , this is pretty :-) x

  • Daniella T.

    Omg how adorable is this

    • Gillian H.

      That's lovely x

      • Stephanie N.

        it's such a lovely style, I think I had one like this when I was little xx

        • Nicki M.

          It's flimsy and really light. My daughter had it two weeks before she didn't like it. It's only suitable for around 2 year olds too. It's really small and the top falls off the frame alot too

          • Jenna H.

            Maybe not x

            • Deanne L.

              Good thinking though but I think she'll be to big for it... X

              • Hannah H.

                So glad I saw this before buying! Thank you!

                • Nicki M.

                  No worries, I was gutted with it. Luckily I managed to sell it on and not lose too much x

                • Debbie L.

                  The bassinette keeps popping off. Very pretty pram but not sturdy

                  • Susan P.

                    I'd love to have one :joy::joy::joy::joy:

                    • Aisling M.

                      It's beautiful xx

                      • Claire C.

                        this looks really nice

                        • Annie M.

                          Got one today xx box in one piece xxx

                          • Caroline C.

                            right up your street! :sob:

                          • Sarah L.

                            how cute is this.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                            • Margaret L.

                              Yeah did look at that but it's very small xx

                              • Sarah L.

                                doesn't get great reviews either looks pretty though x

                              • Debbie-Jane W.

                                Love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                • Nicola M.

                                  Comments are saying it's not sturdy. It's really braw though x x

                                  • Carlene P.

                                    Very nice xx