Doll's House £3 @ Ikea (It is cardboard though!)

15 January 2015

spexa pm

Am I mad or is this a great idea if you are short on space?  Ikea have a 'Dolls House' called SPEXA that is £3, but it isn't a permanent structure, rather a fold out cardboard book that becomes 4 rooms when stood up on a flat surface.

It does look pretty sturdy, and I can see loads of advantages to having one of these. Apart from the price, which is about the same as a kids magazine, you can fold this away flat when it's not in use, you can set it up in any room and anywhere you want the kids to play, and it looks a great size for packing away in a backpack for sleepovers, visits to grandparents or holidays.

You can't buy this online, but you can check if your local Ikea has any in stock on the website. Some stores have tons, others don't seem to have had their delivery yet, as as far as I'm aware this is a new product. (We go to Ikea a lot. It's my son's favourite shop, and hubby likes the cheap breakfasts.)

So what do you think? Genius idea for a take-anywhere dolls house, or a waste of cardboard? Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook Page.

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