Toy Story Aqua Doodle £12.99 @ Toys R Us

Toy Story Aqua Doodle £12.99 @ Toys R Us

Tomy Aqua Doodle mat

The Tomy Toy Story Aqua Doodle mat is less than half price at Toys R Us. Usually £29.99, it’s now £12.99 giving you a lovely £17.00 off.

I really love the Aqua Doodle concept. It’s something we’ve seen in a number of different presentations now, and I think it’s a brilliant way of helping kids be creative, without too much mess and equipment – probably making it ideal for travel and holidays, or waiting in the doctor’s offices.

This Aqua Doodle features Woody and Buzz LIghtyear from Toy Story. Woody doubles up a s a pen and stamper and Buzz Lightyear’s wings can be “activated” – whatever that means – and he is also a roller, creating stars and planets as he flies along the mat.

You simply fill the characters with water and draw on the mat. The pictures will eventually fade, and you can start all over again.

It seems unfortunate that they don’t provide two pens though.

But even so, it looks like a great product at a good price.


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