Ride Ons £15 @ Asda

17 October 2012

There's a good sale on ride ons at Asda online at the moment. They're normally £24.97, but are now reduced to £15, making a hearty saving of £9.97 - and quite frankly perfectly priced for presents for the big 'C'. There are a number of options available too:

These 7ride ons are really quite well reviewed on the Asda site, with comments that they are robust, have  plenty of activities for little ones, have good sound effects, and are sturdy.

They come with 2xAA batteries, and are suitable from about 12 months. Some people say the sound effects are a bit annoying, but that's a given with most children's toys.

One reviewer even said this is his 'go to' gift for 1 year old presents, which is a pretty good endorsement, I reckon.

Thanks to spratty at HUKD

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