Frozen Figures from £1.99 in store at B&M

28 January 2015

frozen b&m pm

We wish B&M offered online shopping, as there are so many bargains from them that we can only get by rushing to a store! You can currently get the small figures in stores for just £1.99, and a complete set for £5.99! That is a considerable amount less than they are selling for online.

These are the small figures, around 10cm or 3 inches high, and the only place that has come anywhere near this price is Amazon who sometimes have the Elsa figure for around £2 as an add on item.

The individual figures seen so far in store are Elsa, Anna and Olaf for £1.99.

These figures don't sing or light up or anything else that the big expensive figures do, but they are great for imaginative play, or for adding to a display, and lots of people use them as the centrepiece for birthday cakes too!

These are new in stores, so we hope you manage to find them in your local branch as this will save you a fair bit of money over buying them anywhere else!

If you want to contact your local store to see if they have them in stock then you can find the B&M Store Locator here.

Thanks to techymum @ HUKD for the information and the pictures.

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  • clarelouiseh
    Badly made in our opinion!! Annas head has fallen off and olafs hair has broken already!! Avoid not safe

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