FREE Kids Personalised Songs by Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Elmo & VeggieTales

21 March 2015


Lovely freebie here for little ones! You can download 4 different personalised songs containing your child's name from these classic television characters. Just follow the instructions below :

1. Click the link above.

2. If you get a 'Retail Program' popup, just read it & close it.

3. Select Mickey, Princess, Elmo or VeggieTales (it makes no difference).

4. Click Search Names Now, then enter your child's name in Search Now box.

5. You now have 4 download links on the right hand side.

6. Select any 1 of the Download Full Length Sample Song boxes.

7. Enter anything for name etc, but phone must be 10 digits, email must contain @, and code must be RETAIL.

8. Download the song to a location of choice.

9. Repeat download for the other 3 characters' songs.

10. Play the songs and watch your child's face!

Thanks very much to BundelKhandi @ HUKD for this!

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