Dumbo 70th Anniversary DVD £5 @ Asda Entertainment

Dumbo 70th Anniversary DVD £5 @ Asda Entertainment

dumboDVDIf there isn't a Dumbo DVD in your Disney collection yet, then Asda Entertainment is the place to buy it from just now where you can pick up a copy for £5; Amazon are selling for £7.99 and Play are selling a NOT 70th Anniversary version for the same.

Dumbo makes me cry, with both laughter and tears.

I daren't even begin to try to count the number of times I've seen it, but those crows make laugh and even the thought of Dumbo's mum locked up in that cage, rocking Dumbo in her trunk through the bars is enough to bring tears to my eyes every time.

But as with all good Disney stories things come right in the end - the baddies get their comeuppance and the good guys emerge triumph and vindicated.

Just in case, and I'm not sure what the case would be, you HAVEN'T seen Dumbo then here's a very brief summary:

Dumbo is a baby circus elephant who has extraordinarily large ears and his best friend is a little mouse.  The other elephants aren't very kind to him and during a street parade a, rather obnoxious boy, makes some rude remarks about Dumbo.

His mum (Dumbo's) get VERY cross and spanks this boy on the bottom with her trunk and lands herself in circus prison.  During his first circus performance, where he's made to dress up like a clown, he trips over his ears which, after a string of disasters, causes the big top tent to fall down.

Dumbo and his mouse friend run away.

I won't ruin the story by telling you the rest, you just have to watch it.

There's also a great soundtrack that features some iconic songs and lines - "I've seen a horsefly...I've seen a dragonfly...I've seen a housefly...but I been done seen 'bout everything, when I see an elephant fly!"

If you've seen the movie that song may be going round and round in your head all day (sorry!) and if you haven't, youTube it.

Dumbo is an awesome, AWESOME movie, if you don't own it, get it!

Thanks to goonertillide at HUKD


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