Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Swimming Costume From £9.50 @ eBay

23 June 2014

Frozen Swimming Costume This lovely Frozen swimming costume is on sale on eBay for £9.50 - £12.99 with free delivery, depending on size. It's available in sizes 3 years to 8 years, and is posted from in the UK.

I bought my daughter a new swimming costume with pretty pink and blue flowers on it and she was so pleased with it, we had to go swimming the very next day. She just loved her costume until, half way through our session, a little girl walked into the pool area wearing this costume. Well, my daughter's face just fell and looking over I could just see the awe, disappointment and desire all running through her four year old mind. I mentioned the little girl's costume and I could see her physically fighting back emotions as she said "It's amazing mummy. Amazing."  Then, not wanting to make me feel bad for her new costume, she lifted her little head and said,"...almost as lovely as mine" with her bottom lip quivering. I just wanted to engulf her in hugs and run off and buy her this new costume, for being so sweet!

I must admit I was expecting them to cost an absolute fortune, but I'm quite happy with this price, and I can't wait to see her face when she opens this little gift.

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