Disney Character Baby Bodysuits @ Disney Store

Disney Character Baby Bodysuits @ Disney Store

Take a seat as we are just about to ramp up the cuteness factor! Just looking at these Disney Character Baby Bodysuits makes me broody, although I don't think I could explain to my husband that my reasons for having another baby are purely Disney related!

Just wait til' you see how adorable they are though, I'm sure you will feel the same...!

There are a few bodysuits to choose from but my favourite is this Beast Character Bodysuit* which we think may be new in. How sweet is this set from Beauty and the Beast with it's matching hat?! It can be yours for just £12.99 and would make a lovely gift.

For £12.99 you can also get this Stitch Bodysuit*, I love the hood with Stitch's face on it! The Angel Bodysuit* is also £12.99 as is the Mickey Mouse* design.

I love the Donald Duck Bodysuit* with it's matching hat for £12.95! For just £7.99 you can get this Disney Princess Baby Bodysuit* which says little princess, big heart on the front, it has a pretty tutu design as well.

Standard home delivery is free when you spend £50 or more, otherwise it is £3.95.


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  • Sarah W.

    oh my days how cute??

    • Sarah M.

      Oh my goodness!!! I need them all!

    • Megan C.

      how cute would Teddy look :blue_heart: xx

      • Natalie G.

        Aww I want one :blue_heart: xx

      • Vicky P.

        we have to dress Tobias as the beast!!!

        • Christopher P.

          Yes we do

        • Rebekah N.

          Look at these !! So cute :heart:

          • Louise E.

            Awwwwww they're cute!!

            • Rebekah N.

              The mickey one is my favourite!

              • Lisa P.

                I can't work out the middle one :joy::joy: xx

                • Rebekah N.

                  Nor me! :joy: I just love Mickey! :joy:

                  • Rebekah N.

                    Just clicked on the link, it's supposed to be the beast!! Poor kid :joy::joy::joy:

                    • Lisa P.

                      Ohh gosh.... This will be my kid after being confused and put in dresses for the first few months of his life :joy::joy: xx

                    • Tara F.

                      Hi where did u source your photos from as I'm looking for the shoes/slippers to match these x

                      • Emma H.

                        Awww so cute x

                        • Allee B.

                          :anguished::anguished: these are soooooi cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                          • Allee B.

                            I want them all :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: just taken a proper look!

                            • Emma H.

                              Oh my god :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                              • Jordan L.

                                Awww there cute :thumbsup_tone2::relaxed:xxxxx

                                • Helen L.

                                  They fab :heart_eyes: lol xxx

                                  • Candice G.

                                    Love the stitch one :smile:

                                    • Sarah R.

                                      Omg can have a Disney baby :heart_eyes:

                                      • Chantelle R.

                                        Aw cute yes!:relieved::heartpulse:

                                      • Amy G.

                                        Omg they're amazing!!

                                        • Vikki H.

                                          how cute are these :heart_eyes:

                                          • Sophie H.

                                            Awwwww they are super cute!!! I love them!

                                            • Lesley W.

                                              how cute are these! X

                                              • Charlotte H.

                                                Oh I know I've seen these! Definitely on the list for one of ours :grin:.ell

                                                • JJ T.

                                                  What's the middle one

                                                  • Charlotte H.

                                                    Beast dur brain

                                                    • Lesley W.

                                                      Hang on I didn't want to cause a domestic!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                                                      • Charlotte H.

                                                        Well how can you not know what the middle one is, that's the one I'd be getting as well!

                                                        • JJ T.

                                                          Beauty and the beast is shite :joy::joy::joy:

                                                          • Charlotte H.

                                                            Shut ya face you

                                                          • Shelley M.

                                                            Lol there cute xx

                                                            • Carla C.

                                                              Aww these are so cute x

                                                              • Carly R.

                                                                Aw bless there lovely xx