Would You Eat Parma Violet Cheese?

Would You Eat Parma Violet Cheese?

I am Parma Violet daft! Even a layer of my wedding cake was Parma Violet flavour. Seriously, I have made vodka with them and often shell out £20 on a violet liqueur because the flavour drives me nuts.

Here's the thing, I am also crazy about cheese so when I found out that it's Parma Violet's 70th birthday, and they have released a Limited Edition Cheese for it, I had to be scraped off of the ceiling.

I am not kidding you - Parma. Violet. Cheese.

Some of you will be wincing at the prospect of the sweets never mind incorporating that floral flavour into a cheese. Others will have drool running down their chin in anticipation.

Where can you buy it from? It can only be bought direct from the Swizzles Love Hearts Online Shop.

How much will it set you back? £6.99 but that includes FREE delivery too!

Just imagine the reaction of visitors when you have that on your cheeseboard. It's most definitely a talking point and will divide opinions for sure.

I have already bought mine, will you be trying it?


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  • Natalie H.

    I've just bought this! :rolling_eyes:

    • Iauren M.

      :joy::joy: no way ur fav !!! I need try thi Hodge xx

      • Natalie H.

        I'm excited abt it! #saddo :joy::joy:

        • Iauren M.

          i would be too!! Saddos together :heart::nerd: ha xx

          • Natalie H.

            I will host a parma violets cheese and wine night in mine for us :kissing_heart:

            • Iauren M.

              sounds good to me :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1::wine_glass:xxx

            • John R.

              That is just wrong

              • Denise H.


                • Simon M.


                  • John M.

                    I don't think I would

                    • Darren L.


                      • Hazel D.

                        :O no thanks :D x

                        • Patricia B.

                          No! Cheese means cheese

                          • Chloe B.

                            Perfume tasting cheese, yuck!! :speak_no_evil:

                            • Adele R.

                              Seen it a couple ov days ago looks lovely x

                              • Amanda L.

                                Oh eye I like them oul violets :grinning:

                                • Steph A.


                                  • Christine J.

                                    Although I love Parma violets I wouldn't fancy a cheese made with Parma violets xx

                                    • Vikki B.


                                      • Vikki B.

                                        I seen this the other day!! I really want to try it x

                                        • Suzanne C.


                                          • Steve B.

                                            i will stick with the sweets lol x

                                            • Tracy T.

                                              Oh my days yummy

                                              • Nikki M.

                                                This looks rotten :joy:

                                                • Faith-Elizabeth B.

                                                  not sure how I feel about this? Xx

                                                  • Emily B.

                                                    It may need to be tasted....cheese off?

                                                    • Faith-Elizabeth B.

                                                      I feel I may regret it though :pensive:

                                                      • Helen G.

                                                        Feeling very conflicted! Two things I love together in one.....and yet.....chicken on pizza.....love them both....hate them together