Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds £6.99 @ Firebox

6 August 2010

lolly1 Summer time means warms weather (in our dreams this year it would seem) and ice lollies. Now, you can either buy them super-cheap from the supermarket with all of the sugar and colourings they contain. Or, you can make your own!

The thing with making your own lollies is it can be a bit of a faff. When I was really little we used to make mini lollies by filling ice cube trays with orange juice, and the precariously balancing cocktail sticks in each one.

lolly2It was FUN! Waiting for those little cubes of juice to freeze was 'torture' and they are an enduring memory of my childhood. I was talking about it with my mum earlier and she said it was a complete faff because to make lots of them (one was never enough, you see) took up lots of space in the freezer, if they got knocked they'd leave sticky orange juice everywhere and so the list of lolly design faults went on.

Well, now there's a better way! I think these Twistix ice lolly moulds are genius and kids will love them. Basically, they are round lolly moulds which have a twisty bit in the middle which lets you twizzle your lolly up as you eat it.

lolly3There'll be no more melted lolly dripping down your wrist; the bottom bit acts as a lid too, so you can just throw them in the freezer any which way before they're frozen and if you need to put it down mid-eat you can just put the lid on and not worry about getting lolly drips everywhere.

For £6.99 you get four Twistix ice lolly moulds and delivery will only cost you £2.95 as it's a small item.

Happy lolly making and slurping!

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