Touch Gloves For Smart Phones, iPhones, iPads, Sat Navs £3.99 @ Amazon

Sometimes I wonder why I wait so long to buy things; I've had an iPhone for two years and both winters I've faffed around taking my gloves on and off to be able to use my phone, OR I've used the tip of my nose which gets you some very strange looks let me assure you.

I've known about touch gloves for smart phones, iPhones and anything else touch screen for two years too; well this winter, NO MORE! I've just ordered a pair of these unisex one-size-fits-pretty-much-all touch gloves and can't WAIT for them to arrive - I loathe having cold hands.

There are lots of variations of smart phone touch gloves on the market and they range in price from these - £3.99, their usual price is £19.99 by the way - up to the £25 region.

They work by having conductive material woven through the material of the fingertips of the gloves, which allows the current necessary to make your screen work pass from your fingers through the glove - normal gloves aren't very good at this at all.

There's no delivery to pay, so it's just £3.99 a pair (or until the price goes up) OR, you if you're feeling a bit Heath Robinson you can always have a go at making your own - click HERE to watch a DIY smart gloves movie; I think I'll just part with £3.99 and wait for the posty to drop them through the letter box!

Happy texting with gloves on!

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