Tesco Clothing Promotional Discount: £10 And £5 Off £50 And £25 Order

Clothing At Tesco Promotional Code: £10 Off £50 Order Including Sale Use this Tesco Clothing promotional discount to get £10 or £5 off your order when you spend £50 or £25 respectively. I believe this code may be for new customers only, so you will have to register with a new email address if you have registered before.

Click here to use your Tesco Clothing Promotional Discount 

  • Discount: £10
  • Minimum spend: £50
  • Promotional code: ffsummer2
  • Expires: 20th May 2013

£5 discount:

  • Discount: £5
  • Minimum spend: £25
  • Promotional code: ffsummer3
  • Expires: 20th May 2013

To use this code you’ll need to go through checkout. And you’ll need to register first. When you get to the third page of checkout – the Order Summary page – scroll down the page and click on the eCoupons or Promotion Codes button.

Type in the code, don’t cut and paste. I tried pasting it in there but the site rejected the code. It only worked when I typed it in myself. When I returned to the Order Summary page, the discount had been deducted.

I’m always happy when a company gives me a tenner!

Thanks to lemony_7 at HUKD!

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