Tamagotchi Tama-Go £7.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Tamagotchi Tama-Go for £7.99 instead of £19.99.

If you remember Tamagotchis from when they first came on the scene then you're at least 18 or 20 years old; if you don't remember Tamagotchis then you got away with it scott free!

You either 'got' Tamagotchis or you didn't - they were (and still are) little electronic pets that live on a digital screen.  When you get them they're an egg (or at least they were), then they're born and you have to look after them and keep them happy.

You must feed them, play with them and tell them to go to sleep when they're tired and generally make sure they stay well; if you don't, they'll get sick and will eventually die!

My older children didn't have Tamagotchis (they would have been around four and five years old at the time), I  didn't have a Tamagotchi - my dad did though and I had to babysit this thing when he whisked my mum away on a short cruise and she refused to let him take it with them.

My dad's a terrifyingly clever F1 engineer in his sane life, so I really have NO idea what his Tamagotchi thing was all about - all I know is, the stress of making sure I didn't kill of his beloved Tamagotchi pet was insane!

The new gen' Tamagotchis are 'improved' in as far as they can communicate with other Tama-Gos and there's a whole HOST of online games and activities you can indulge in now - there was none of that back in the day (thank goodness).

If your local Argos doesn't have any Tamatgotchi Tama-Gos in stock then you can order for home delivery, it will cost you an additional £4.95 though.

Thanks (I think) to kingkajee at HUKD

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