Star Wars Plush Talking Yoda £4.99 @ Tesco

Tesco are selling this Star Wars Plush Talking Yoda for £4.99, his normal retail price is £12.99.

Love this Star Wars Talking Yoda, you will!  Get bored of listening to him talking in split infinitives, you may!  Buy a Star Wars Talking Yoda for my husband for Christmas, I might!

Okay, okay that's enough 'Yoda talk' - but on a serious note, my husband is actually a huge fan of the little green Jedi Master and he'd make a rather nice little stocking filler 'just for fun' pressie - YODA, I mean, not my husband!

Reviews are mixed, to be honest - some people adore this talking Yoda, others are disappointed he only says one phrase (despite the description suggesting otherwise) and if you don't like Yoda, or Tesco sell out, you can always pop over to Argos * and choose either Chewy, R2D2 or Darth Vadar instead.

If you have a die-hard Star Wars fan in your family then I don't think they'll really mind how many phrases, or not, are uttered - it's STAR WARS talking plush toy and anything Star Wars for Star Wars fans is always going to be a winner.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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