Sevylor Puddle Jumper Floatation Device £11.29 To £14.75 @ Amazon


Amazon has Sevylor Puddle Jumper Floatation Devices – or swimming wings – and the different colours have different prices, ranging from £11.29 to £14.75.

The Sevylor Puddle Jumper Floatation Devices on offer at Amazon come in the form of a set of wings and a chest band specifically designed for young children. The Puddle Jumpers fit all children weighing between 14-23kg. According to the blurb it’s made of “soft, durable woven polyester, so it won't chafe” – which is great, as the rings we used to wear as children used to rub us red!

The chest bit is meant to keep them balanced, while the arm pieces offer excellent stability and free range of movement.  These are tested for safety so that parents can have peace of mind while their kids are in the water, although you should probably not leave them unattended anyway.

Puddle Jumpers come in four colours, blue, green, pink and yellow,

The unique designs and colours mean that children enjoy wearing their Puddle Jumper, it's comfortable, self-balancing and allows the freedom of movement to swim and play whilst offering protection normally associated with wearing a life jacket.

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