Ravel Children's Jewellery Set £9.18 @ Amazon

Little Gems Ravel Jewellery Set A pretty, co-ordinated jewellery set in a box always makes a lovely gift for a little girl. This Ravel Children's Jewellery Set in on offer at Amazon for £9.18. That's a saving of 54% on the RRP of £19.99.

To give this it's full, proper product name it is the Ravel Children's Jewellery Set: Little Gems Pussycat Watch, Charm Bracelet, Pussycat Necklace in Presentation Box.

I remember my brother buying a jewellery set like this for my niece when she was 3 years old. She was so excited and it became her favourite present. Eventually she treasured it for years and at the age of 13 still has it. The box that is, not the jewellery! Never underestimate the importance of a beautiful box to a child, especially a sturdy one that they can keep all their treasures in.

Although there's no age, nor is there much in the way of product information, on the web page I'd say this is probably best suited to a slightly older child maybe 6 years plus.

Of the ten customer reviews, eight gave it five stars, one gave it four stars and only one customer gave it a one star rating. But that's because the product didn't arrive rather than there being anything wrong with the jewellery set.

This comment from one of the customer reviews pretty much sums up the general gist. "I bought this watch for my 6 year old and she absolutely loves it as she has just mastered how to tell the time, the bracelet and necklace is very pretty and girly too."

Thanks to sammy321 at HUKD!

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