Prosecco Pong Party Game £14.99 With Free Delivery @ IWOOT

Prosecco Pong Party Game £14.99 With Free Delivery @ IWOOT

Have you seen this new Prosecco Pong Party Game? It's got everyone talking and is about to become the must have game for parties and Christmas this year. It's not yet released but you can pre-order from IWOOT for £14.99 with free delivery.

It's apparently inspired by table tennis and is like beer pong only for those who prefer something more delicate and bubbly as their tipple.

The kit includes all you need for a fun party game for a group or you can simply play one on one, and it comes with 12 plastic Prosecco cups and 3 pink ping pong balls.

You play like this: two teams stand at either end of a table and line up the 12 plastic cups with Prosecco (or your preferred drink). Each player takes it in turn to throw a ping pong ball into one of your opponents cups. If the ball lands in the cup, your opponent drinks whatever is left in the cup. The winner is whoever makes their opponents drink all their cups first.

I think this would be a big hit at summer barbecues and parties, and we're expecting a sell out pretty quickly!

IWOOT offer free home delivery on orders over £10 so £14.99 is all you'll pay, and it's released on 4th August so will be dispatched around that date.


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  • Rachel F.

    think we need to try thisx

    • Anny C.

      game on :joy:

    • Leanne K.

      we need this for new years hehe. Bit posher than our standard beer pong!!! Xx

      • Ryan W.

        Looks good to me. If im gonna loose might as well do it in style lol

        • Jennifer W.

          Omg YES YES YES im in !!!!

        • Jodie M.

          We definitely need to give this a go!

          • Megz K.

            Need this in my life :heart_eyes::heartpulse::ok_hand:

            • Kim C.

              much better than rum/vodka pong

              • Aileen P.

                Think I might win!! :joy::joy::joy:

                • Charlotte C.

                  Amazing! I'd be terrible at it but let's give it a go!

                  • Ashleigh G.

                    Yes yes!! We need this like now!

                    • Lisa G.

                      Sounds like a challenge :joy::joy::grin:

                      • Hayley M.

                        OMG this would be good for our girls night :thumbsup::see_no_evil::joy:

                        • Theresa M.

                          I seen this, but Dinna really fancy drinking prosecco after pong balls have landed in it

                          • Rena M.

                            Can't wait to play!!! :joy:

                            • Lawrain M.

                              Certainly better than the :beer::joy: