Pretend And Play Kettle And Toaster £2.49 - £3.99 @ Sainsbury's

Imaginative play is half price at Sainsbury's with the Pretend and Play Kettle reduced from £7.99 to £3.99 and the Toaster reduced from £4.99 to £2.49.

I'm not sure why, really, but kids just love emulating what their adults do, and making tea or coffee seems to be one of those fantastic things for little girls - do boys go through the same pretend tea making phase?

This Kettle from Sainsbury's is a nice size and makes a really funny gurgling noise when tilted to pretend pour. It also makes boiling noises when you switch it to 'boil'. It takes 3xAA batteries which are included.

The Toaster is doesn't require batteries, and it comes with two slices of toast, but I'm not sure that it does much else!

Either way, these are sure to provide hours of fun to little ones who enjoy imaginative role play and you'll probably find yourself drinking endless cups of imaginary tea.

Click and collect is free, and home delivery is £3.95

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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