Philips Avent Glow-In-The-Dark Night-Time Soothers £2.40 Add-On Item Was £4.90

Avent Soother

Philips Avent Glow-In-The-Dark Night-Time Soothers are an add-on item at Amazon right now. Priced at just £2.40 instead of £4.90, you can get them at this price when you buy at least £10 of eligible items, or if you buy at least five packs (the maximum number you can order) so that your basket total amounts to at least £10.

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These Avent glow in the dark soothers are one of my personal 'must have' recommendations for new mums and dads. I know most of us say we'd prefer not to use dummies / pacifiers / soothers but as a mum of three, I'm long enough in the tooth to know that what you say about motherhood before you give birth doesn't always line up with what you do once your baby actually arrives - especially in the name of getting a bit of precious shut-eye.

My third child has used a dummy at night-time since her first night on the planet, so suffice it to say that the discovery of glow in the dark dummies pretty much saved our sanity. They put an end to those torturous nights of feeling around in the dark trying to locate the missing dummy.

They're BPA-free, have snap-on protective teats to keep them hygienic when not it use, and have orthodontic teats.

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