Nip+Fab 10 Years Younger Set £5 @ Tesco Direct


It’s not often we get an epic deal that’s just for the mums, but this one definitely ticks all the right boxes. Nip+Fab are huge and at one point, about two years ago, everyone was using them and swore by their wrinkle fix moisturiser. All the beauty mags said it was the first real wrinkle killer they’d used. So, of course, you couldn’t get it anywhere. Now Tesco is selling the set for only £5 and it usually sells for £19.99 so get in.

Lift! Brighten! Smooth! This kit comes with the 10 Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads that remove dead skin cells and revive the face. Then you can apply the Frown Fix instant line filler for a plumping effect and younger looking skin.

Follow this by applying the 30ml instant radiance wrinkle fix moisturiser for a silky smooth skin and even it all out with the No Needle Fix serum. All these go under your foundation for magically smooth and younger looking skin.

Thanks abingham at HUKD!

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