NEW Elmo & Cookie Monster @ Build-a-Bear

NEW Elmo & Cookie Monster @ Build-a-Bear

Oh my goodness, Build-a-Bear have just launched a new Sesame Street collection, and we want it all! You can now get Make-Your-Own Elmo and Cookie Monster toys complete with sayings and Cookie Monster will even eat his own cookie!

As well as Elmo* andCookie Monster* toys at £19.50 each, you can also buy clothing and accessories too to complete their look or add some Sesame Street magic to your existing bears.

There's a cute retro style Cookie Monster T-shirt*, a Sesame Street Sleeper*, an Abby Cadabby Costume*, Elmo Slippers* and a wonderful Big Bird Hoody*!

This new range is available online and in stores subject to availability, with home delivery charges from £3.25.


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  • Jennifer B.

    it's the cookie monster :joy::joy::joy:

    • Stacey G.

      Omg we have to get these for aodhan :heart_eyes:

      • Fi C.

        Charlotte needs a build a bear :laughing:

        • Ian E.

          Holy fucking hell ...i want the cookie monster one .. !!!!! X now .... ....NOW!!!!!!! X

          • Becky B.

            I neeeed a cookie monster!

            • Lisa C.

              Lol. Think we might have to get him one

              • Kate T.

                OMG I want them!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                • Ella L.

                  Savanna would love elmo 1 xxx

                  • Tony D.

                    I'm on my way to build a bear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                    • Kay M.

                      Omg how kool. I know what's on my bday list lol x

                      • Tracey H.

                        I have literally just shown jason this as mine is about 20 years old!! And I still snuggle him every night, he even came on honeymoon!! X

                        • Clare M.

                          Oh my God they are amazing xx

                          • Nicola E.

                            We saw them today, think gray is getting her one for Xmas!

                            • Nicola E.

                              I think I have too many teddies lol!

                              • Emma D.

                                Thinking of Xmas present even tho I've said no more teddies

                                • Caroline C.

                                  Caleb still has all his build a bears on his bed. Definitely no room for anymore

                                  • Shelley W.

                                    Omg xmas pressies :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                    • Debbie M.

                                      I think I'll need to take her :joy::joy:. She might want a minion aswell tho.... Lol xx

                                      • Sophie A.

                                        I think we should have one xx

                                        • Sammy W.

                                          Omg my 2 would go crazy for this ! Aubriee keeps asking for a build a bear xx