New Dates Added To Paw Patrol Live Tour

New Dates Added To Paw Patrol Live Tour

Last year we told you about the first official Paw Patrol Live show, and at the time it was just dates in Glasgow and Belfast that had been announced. But the good news is that more dates and venues have now been revealed, and the pre-sale for tickets goes live this week!

The pre-sale goes live this Wednesday 12th April at 9am, and you can get tickets from the official booker Ticketmaster on the link above.

The new dates announced so far are for Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, London Wembley,Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool.

There are already shows scheduled for Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin, and those tickets went on sale last December, though there may be limited availability for some shows still.

There were some scams reported of unofficial shows popping up on social media last year, but this is the only official Paw Patrol live show. Make sure you buy from a reputable ticket supplier like Ticketmaster though to make sure that you're getting the real thing!

If you want to get a sneak peek at what the show will look like take a look at the official website here and check out the video!

Tickets will sell fast so get ready to grab them on Wednesday!


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  • CY C.

    Was hoping they come up to Aberdeen!!!

    • Ang C.

      Any idea on how much tickets might be?

      • Joanne M.

        Cheapest are £30

      • Kimberley D.

        we have to take the boys to this! Xx

        • Carly L.

          Kian would absolutely love this!! Xxx

          • Amy L.

            I'm sorry but charging nearly £30 per person is just so expensive! For my family of 3 we would be paying nearly £100 plus costs of getting there and food and drink? It's a shame really.

            • Tammie H.

              I thought the same. Tickets, plus fuel, food and drink...

              This is supposed to be aimed at children so I don't know why it has to be so expensive...

              • Amy L.

                it's just sad isn't it that they make these things so expensive when they're supposed to be aimed at children!

                • Andrea N.

                  What u pay for ticket? Iwas £28 each for Disney on Ice and there were 3 of us. We had something to eat before we went in and only bought a program.

                  • Fran T.

                    How do you know how much they are ?

                  • Carly J.

                    Ashley would love this! X

                    • Kerry G.

                      How much will tickets for Manchester be? xx

                      • Russ W.

                        Brilliant I can't wait ... I might even take Riley :joy::joy::joy:

                        • Vicky B.

                          Yes it sounds good, Collette would love it too :grinning: x

                          • Holly-Adele R.

                            Yeah, boys would love it xx

                            • Laura G.

                              Saw this earlier .. It's about 30 quid a ticket though :scream: x

                              • Emma B.

                                tickets start at £25 each + fees !

                                • Emma B.

                                  it's tempting but thats over £100 that could be spent on other fun days x

                                  • Georgie V.

                                    Oh will have a look thanks x

                                    • Louise G.

                                      £140 for a family of 4.... before programmes, sweets , ice cream, parking .... love my kids to bits, but can't justify these prices!!!

                                      • Retrac N.

                                        Nothing in southwest nearest London 5 hours away not worth it.

                                        • Sarah W.

                                          Haha they'd love it! No prices though and not coming to Sheffield /doncaster etc! Xx

                                          • Sandra K.

                                            Yeah count me in when is it ?

                                            • Victoria

                                              I paid £120 for 3 tickets, that's including booking fee and handling fee bit expensive for what it is x 

                                              • Alice S.

                                                Can't believe the price :cry: