Marsboy LED Multi-Media Wireless Bluetooth Speaker £24.99 (or £19.99 with code) @ Amazon

Marsboy LED Wireless Speaker £19.99

This speaker is awesome and it's reduced by a massive 70%, down from an RRP of £79.99 to just £24.99 at Amazon, and that includes free delivery! You can even get another £5 off by adding in a voucher code as well!

Just use the code 6LO3YMUG for that extra £5 off, but as that takes it just under the free delivery threshold it's best to add something small to take you over £20 unless you have prime.

It's a wireless bluetooth speaker with LED lights so that it can play music from your phone or other bluetooth device. I'm not very technically minded, but what this means for us is that hubby streams music from his phone through the speakers with no wires (my favourite part, I hate trailing wires everywhere) and it lights-up with bright colours so that the kids can have a disco.

You can also use the audio cable to connect the speaker to any device that isn't bluetooth enabled, and it has a built in rechargeable battery that can play for 12 hours before needed a charge.

The sound quality is really good, my kids love the different light shows and I think this would be great for a children's party.

There's lots of technical info on the link for those who want to know more before buying, and the reviews are great. To add my voice to those we love ours and if I didn't crave peace and quiet I would give in more often to the requests to "switch on the disco light". ;)

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