Mars Medium Selection Box 181 g - Pack of 8 £7.01 @ Amazon

Mars Medium Selection Box 181 g - Pack of 8 £7.01 @ Amazon

No, I haven't lost the plot, this is a really good buy! Okay, so I am talking about Selection Boxes, but cheap chocolate is cheap chocolate, who cares what it's wrapped up in. Go over to Amazon and you're getting 8 Mars Medium Selection Boxes for just £7.01! That works out at just 88p per box!

What do you get in each Mars Medium Selection Box? 2 Snacksize Mars Bars, a Milky Way, Snickers, Twix and bag of Maltesers.

In this whole deal you're getting 16 Snacksize Mars Bars, 8 Milky Ways, 8 Snickers, 8 Twix and 8 bags of Maltesers. That works out at roughly 15p per item!

Ideal for play pieces, treats, those "after the children have gone to bed" snacks and so on.

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime Members or those of you spending £20+.


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  • Natasha C.

    selection boxes in March :joy::joy::joy:

    • Sammie M.

      Get it bought xx

    • Zoe C.

      Early but a bargain a bargain :joy::joy:

      • Kerry B.

        They're snacksize though, works out at 14p each? Not really a fantastic deal to be honest :sweat_smile:

        • Billy A.

          They would satisfy my sweet tooth :grin:

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