LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 £19.99 @ Amazon

LEGO Star Wars fans DROP whatever you're doing, dash over to Amazon and pick up this year's LEGO Star Wars advent calendar for £19.99 - last year's full price was £29.99, this year it's £24.99.

There's a very fine line to walk when you're trying to get hold of a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar for the best price: on the one hand you watch and wait for the price to drop, on the other you have all your fingers crossed and hope they don't go out of stock (everywhere!) whilst you're playing price drop roulette!

I don't think the price of this year's LEGO Star Wars advent calendar is going to go lower than £19.99 before they're all gone, and you're forced to pay WAYYYYYY over the odds for on on eBay, so I'd get yourself over to Amazon pronto if you want one.

My youngest son, Edward, had one last year and to say he loved every single door-opening day of it would be a massive understatement; each day has a minifigure or vehicle behind it, last year's special Christmas figure was Father Christmas Yoda, this year there's Santa Darth Maul and a snowman R2-D2.

You have to be a true LEGO fan to be prepared to pay £19.99 for an advent calendar - but they are brill' and if you give one to a LEGO fan, young or older, you'll earn yourself more than a fair few brownie points.

Thanks to irishbrummy at HUKD 

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