Lego Duplo 6051: Play With Letters £17.99 @ Amazon

Amazon have reduced the price of this Lego Duplo 6051: Play With Letters to £17.99, it's original price was £24.99.

If you want a fun way to introduce your little one to the world of numbers then you could do worse than get them this Lego Duplo Play with Letters set; the same applies if you're looking for an educational way to introduce them to the world of Lego (unlikely, but you never know so I thought I'd cover all bases).

Lego Duplo is Lego for young children; who's little hands aren't ready to deal with little fiddly bricks and will probably still try and put them in their mouths.

Even if your child is still too young for normal Lego, no child is ever too young to start getting to grips with the alphabet and mastering the art of word formation and recognition.

Simple words like cat, dog, house, and any other words that don't have recurring letters, can be formed with this Lego Duplo Play with Letters set (that's letters and recurring out of the equation then!).

It also comes with some building basics too, such as a Lego Duplo child-figure, a cat, a flower, a chair and a wagon base for additional imaginative play; you can spell all of those words out - cat, child, flower, chair and wagon - using the Lego Duplo letters.

Thanks to chezzle at HUKD

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