LEGO City Big Truck £9.41 @ Asda

If you've got a little LEGO fan in your family then you might just want to quietly buy this LEGO City Big Truck set and tuck it away for *whispers* Christmas time - I've not seen it priced this low before and I doubt we'll see it  any lower.

I've written about this LEGO City Big Truck before and its cheapest price was £14.25 - it's full retail price should be £18.94 but, if you're quick, you'll be able to pick one up from Asda for £9.41.

Inside your Lego City Truck box you’ll find a driver and worker minifigures, nine boxes and one loading trolley.

If you remove the truck top, once you’ve built it, you’ll reveal the drivers bed and flat screen TV (ahh the life of a Lego trucker eh!).

The trailer doors open so you can load your boxes and truck measures a fairly huge 15″ (39cm ) long.

If you really want to see the ins and outs of this Lego City Truck before you buy it, then have a look at this YouTube video I discovered when I first wrote about this LEGO City Big Truck – it shows the truck being built piece by piece and is rather fabulous!

Lego City Truck construction video

Thanks to duder at HUKD 

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