LEGO City 7938 Passenger Train £67.25 @ Amazon

I've had my eye on this LEGO City Passenger Train for a few days now and the price seems nice and stable at £67.25 instead of a whopping £102.99 (what's the betting I've just put the kiss of death on that now!).

If you've got a LEGO fan who also has a bit of a thing for trains then, oh my goodness, they'll love you forever if you present them with their very own LEGO City Passenger Train set - it's got tons of fab' features that would even have me playing with it (and I couldn't care less about train sets, they just don't do it for me).

Right, are you ready?  Here's what you get in the LEGO City Passenger Train set box:

  • Three minifigures: a driver and two passengers (at least they won't have to stand - honestly, LEGO, whatever happened to realism?!)
  • One traffic light
  • One train station
  • The train engine, with an opening cockpit (I thought cockpits were just in planes and space rockets!)
  • Two passenger cars with removable roofs and space for 10 passengers
  • Sixteen curved track pieces; and
  • Sixteen flexible track pieces that you can leave straight or bend into any shape you want

The LEGO City Passenger Train is also remote controlled!  So you'll also get a: LEGO Power Functions battery box, train motor, infrared receiver and 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that can run up to 8 different trains at once (not sure how that works, but that's what the official blurb says.)

SO there you have it!  I think £67.25 is a great price for all of the above - I wouldn't pay £102.99 that's for sure, but almost half-price and as a big 'main present' present, definitely.

Happy train driving!

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