Inside Outside Kitchen £114.74 @ Early Learning Centre


The Inside Outside Kitchen is on sale at ELC, with £20 off making it £114.74.

This rather unique two-sided toy kitchen with realistic cooking sounds has an inside play kitchen on one side and an outside barbecue patio area on the other. The Inside Outside Kitchen can be used indoors and outdoors, so the children can “prepare food” inside, then go “outside” around the other side to do the barbecue.

There’s a stone patio, fabric canopy, a pass-through window, a picnic table, a bench, flowers, and a large sink with a modern style tap, oven and dishwasher.

With a stove top burner with electronic sounds, a magnetic refrigerator door, grill with cooking sounds and “flames” and a coffee pot with disappearing coffee.

In total, the set comes with an additional 27 accessories, including a chef's hat, cutlery, crockery, fake foods, a telephone, frying pan, and cups.

It’s a pretty all inclusive set, which isn’t bad as some other play kitchens cost around the same for just the kitchen with no accessories.

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