Kids Camping Chairs £4.88 @ Tesco

If you're heading off to an outdoor event soon, or going away camping then you might want to take a look-see at these kids camping chairs, they're currently on sale at Tesco for £4.88 instead of £6.50.

Okay, so this isnt' the cheapest I've ever seen these camping chairs for, but they are that good I'd happily pay up to a tenner for them - so, in my book, they're still a bargain at £4.88.

You know, I always thought these chairs were a bit daft, in either adult and kid size, until I actually tried one and became a bit of a convert. Prior to that I spent my outdoor event and picnic days on blankets, having to mould myself around the pot holes or mole hills underneath our 'spot'.

Then came the chairs and they were a revelation: easy to fold and unfold, light enough to carry and made the entire sitting-down-outside experience a much more pleasurable and civilised one.

Kids will still love sitting on blankets but they'll also want to sit in the chairs too (you know what they're like) so it makes sense to have a couple of these folding camping chairs on-hand for them...otherwise you'll end up back on the blanket atop lumpy ground whilst they lounge in YOUR chair.

You can choose from pink or blue and the frame has a locking mechansim too to guard against small fingers getting trapped.

Thanks to maaow at HUKD

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