Justin Beaver (£15.99) Or One Direction (£19.99) Singing Bears @ Groupon

I can't quite believe I'm about to tell you about this deal, but never mind, here we go...

If you grab this Groupon deal before 11.59pm tomorrow night (Wednesday 7 November), you'll be able to bag yourself a singing Justin Beaver bear or a singing One Direction bear for £15.99 or £19.99 respectively.

The Justin Beaver singing bear, or the One Direction bears will either appeal to your sense of humour (and you have to have one to even consider buying them!) or they won't.

Justin Beaver sings by himself, when you press his paw to activate him, but the One Direction bears...well, they can sing as individuals OR you can buy more than one bear (in multiples of two, three or five) and they'll coordinate their singing.

There's a YouTube video of the entire group of five (which you can buy for £69.99) warbling 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' as an ensemble - it's one of the most surreal things I think I've ever watched.

If the video didn't embed below, then click this link to watch directly on YouTube: One Direction Singing Bears

So there you  have it: Justin Beaver or One Direction singing Bears - I'm not sure what else I can write, other than perhaps a written apology...?

Happy singing along with your singing bears!

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