Heads Up! The Sainsbury's Up To Half Price Toy Sale Starts THIS WEEK!

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We have it on good authority that the Up to Half Price Toy Sale starts this week. We have nothing concrete about what day it starts but my buddy in Sainsbury's reckons it is Wednesday and that MOST items INSTORE will be half price. Not everything of course will have the full 50% off, and if we go by recent years, you are better off nipping to your biggest nearest Sainsbury's store. When sales like this are online, you are battling with a lot of internet traffic to get that must have item.

Our guess, and it's only a guess, that toys like Barbie, Nerf, Peppa Pig and Mega Bloks will have the full 50% off but more popular items like Disney Frozen will have the bare minimum off. We hope we are wrong, and I know it's hard to believe but sometimes we are.

Sainsbury's Toy Sale normally lasts a week, but all the toys go first so be aware of that. What I am hoping for is that for once they will include a console or at least console games in it. Their sale tends to be a lot better than the other supermarkets and we are looking forward to it. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog, as we will share anything else we find out about this toy event ASAP.


  • Mr249
    Any confirmation yet on which day sainsburys toy sale starts? Thank you.
  • LuschkaPP
    Any confirmation yet on which day sainsburys toy sale starts? Thank you.
    Hi, Yes, it starts tomorrow morning :)
  • peanut79
    Anyone know what time the toy sale starts? plus is it online as well?
  • smellymelon
    Just called my local store and it's started today. We're off there shortly!
  • Shoppedout
    Just got back its on today nerf refills £2.99 some guns £4.99-22.99 Starwars action figures / avengers barbie size ish £7.49 Moshi blind bags 99p Frozen skating figure was £30 something down to £22 They have cheaper frozen ones, my little pony stuff everywhere & peppa pig also young kiddie toys, dinosaur toys, play dough sets...
  • donnageorge
    All of the lego isnt really included in upto 50% sale. Just a couple of quid off, but saianburys display it in such a way that you think your getting a good offer when in actual fact amazon maybe cheaper. No disney frozen toys half price nor disney princess - but moshi monster, fireman sam, turtles and my little pony along with Barbie and lots of un-branded toys half listed price -depends on what your looking for

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